Review : Pixy Perfect Eyeliner

by - October 09, 2015

Today I’m gonna talk about my liquid liner that I use for every day look.

Pixy Perfect Eyeliner!

The box has a simple pink color with snow flakes pattern and ofcourse the brand name it self—Pixy.
And the cap of eyeliner tube has the color combination that I like, black and pink with ‘Pixy Perfect Eyeliner’'s name on the body, but the tube is  soo simple and plain to me.

Pixy Perfect Eyeliner is great for beginners because it has solid wand but it will not hurting your eyes and eyelids because the applicator is soft and the tip of it has a pointed edge so that you can easily make a precise line onto your lid.

It doesn’t smudge even though I have an oily face and ofcourse, oily eyelids. It also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about crying out loud and you don’t have to worry about getting black around your eyes like pandas.

This liquid liner has a very black color that not too glossy, which is cool for me since I don’t really like something with too much gloss on it.
'scuse me for that messy line, i was in hurry in that time :D
It is easy to remove by any kind of makeup remover that you had. For me, sometimes when i’m  too lazy to remove my makeup, I just clean it with wet tissue and its gone easily. Just rub it gently for a minute and your lid is free from this eyeliner.

Oh and I just had realized that this liner doesn’t contain any paraben thing, and it also has Castor Oil which can moisture your lid! This is great!

no paraben right? 

·         It is easy to use
·         Pointed edge so I can make a precise line
·         Very black color and not too glossy
·         Not smudging on my oily lid
·         Easy to remove
·         Doesn’t contain paraben
·         Has Castor Oil

·         Affordable price

·         The packaging is boring and plain
·         Too easy to remove, just by wet tissue is enough to remove it.

RATING : 4/5
REPURCHASE : Yes. Since this thing is good at making my eyes pretty and easy to use, so I will repurchase it.

Thank you so much for reading!
See you in my next post..


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  1. Tertarik... tapi ga lihai2 make eyeliner huhu -_-
    Mind to follow each other? :)

  2. kalo pake eyeliner ini lebih gampang, soalnya dia nggak lembek(?).
    ayo sering-sering latian, nanti pasti bisa, soalnya aku dulu juga nggak bisa pake eyeliner cair...

    waahh i really like your blog!
    followed yak~