Review : Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Sandalwood Beige & Fleshtone)

by - October 12, 2015

Lots of you might be already know about this lipstick. And honestly I’m quite a fan of this lippy from Revlon.
Yes, this is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick!

Well, honestly I’ve already had this lippy for a long time, and I’ve already use it every day but I haven’t start blogging, so I think this is okay and this is the right time for me to make a review of this! :D

Anyway, back to Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick….

This lipstick comes with black-glossy tube with transparent glass on the top of the cap. The golden touch in this little thing made it looks more elegant and fancy. Actually when I bought it, this lipstick doesn’t came with box or anything, it just wrapped in plastic that has the expiration date and stuff. But well, I’ve already throw it away, lol.

I have this two colors; 240 Sandalwood Beige and 230 Fleshtone.
I’m such a crazy when it comes to coral-color lipsticks, lol.

The texture of this lippy is creamy and easy to swipe onto your lips. It doesn’t dry at all, because its creamy texture and glossy-finish,  but not that type of ‘glossy’ like lip gloss which I don’t like, but its moist-glossy, (you know what I mean..).
Its not sticky at all and quite pigmented, because I still need two or three swipes to get that very thick and opaque result to cover my lip color.
But as you can see both of this lipstick has similar color and tbh its really difficult to capture the true color.

With flash photo
Indoor photo
Outdoor photo
Not just that, both of this color is similiar with Revlon MoistureStay in shade Flesh and I've already reviewed it here.

With flash
Outdoor lighting, its similiar, right?
Back to the colors.....
240 Sandalwood Beige is orange-coral color that really lovely. A color to make your face looks fresher and joyful in my opinion. This color is soo perfect for daily use, as I like to use this when I went to uni everyday.

But the staying power is so disappoint me. Well, the lipstick it selves is not even matte lipstick or gives me the matte finish look, so I think its only natural if the staying power is bad.

And now 230 Fleshtone is coral-brown color with the hint of orange in there. The color it selves is quite same with Sandalwood Beige—just a little bit darker, and I found it difficult to take the picture because of the color is so soft.  

This color is soo pretty and for me—this color gives me a mature and mysterious look (LOL). But yes, I’m serious; I always use this color to get that look.

The texture is same like the younger sister—240 Sandalwood Beige, creamy and moist-glossy.
The staying power for both of this lipstick is so-so, not special at all. When I went to ate seafood with my family and I used 230 Fleshtone and the color is gone completely.

·         Elegant packaging
·         Pretty colors
·         Moist and beautiful gloss
·         Quite pigmented
·         Easy to swipe
·         Affordable price

·         The staying power is average
·         Quite difficult to capture the color (or is it just me who can’t get it right?)

RATE : 3,5/5

REPURCHASE : Maybe yes or no.

And as usual, my photo using this lipstick~
Front-camera using Sandalwood Beige
Front-camera using Fleshtone

Thank you for reading!
See you on my next post…


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