Review : Privia About U Makeup Base

by - November 05, 2015

Hola! I’m sorry I was busy with my uni and I have a lot of assignments and exams; that’s why I haven’t update this blog for a while.
Today, let’s talk about makeup base that I’ve been using right now…

It’s About U Classic Blooming Makeup Base!
I bought this when I went to one of mall at Tangerang;  at Privia store, and tbh I haven’t heard about this makeup product before.
About U is one of makeup item from Privia U, a Korean-based makeup. That’s why the packaging is so cute and lovely like any other Korean products, as expected from Korean brands.

So this makeup base has two variants, based on the color inside. From the physic appearance, both of the variants, doesn’t have any kind of differences, so it is a little bit tricky and you have to ask the beauty advisor about the function and you may say color. And the packaging doesn’t contain any English translation and it only have Japanese and I don’t understand any words of it….
Well, this is confusing me. The packaging has Japanese language while Privia is from Korea.. At first I thought this is a Japanese brand.. -__-

Pump it up!
I don't understand a bit... :(
This makeup base has violet and green color—which has their own function. The violet one is for pale skin. While the green is for darker skin, dull or your skin color is uneven like mine, dark spots, dark circle; so your skin will look bright and clean. It’s suitable for any type of skin.
And I will review about the green one, because I have uneven skin and dark spots.

I have a hard time to capture the color... 

It has liquid and thick texture, just like any other makeup base. And it has 40ml size, so its quite big.

Like any other makeup base, it will gives you super soft, glowy but not oily texture and easy to put on your makeup.
I use this product all over my face in thin and gently stroke because I have super oily skin like an oily mine, lol. And it lasts only for about 3 hours and my face is back to super oily again.
And it depends on the weather. On my skin, if I use this on the morning, in super hot weather, this product that I put on my face is fading and yes, my face is back to my ‘normal’ state or super oily skin state as fast as you put that lipstick on, lol.
And when I use this for night hangout, it will lasts about 4/5 hours. Not really bad, but I have to mention that I still need to pat my oily area with my tissue, so basicly its not pure 4/5 hours.

This makeup base is giving a little bit grayish or white tone on my dark skin, it depends on how many drop you use. So it’s a little bit difficult to me to get a very natural finish on my daily look because I rarely use foundation for my daily look.
This grayish/white tone on my face is really stand out because of the differences between my face and my neck color is so true. That’s why a little drop in your finger is enough (in my case).

Indoor Lighting
With Flash
See the grayish/white tone?
Its said that this makeup base can cover your dark area such as your dark circles, blemishes, and your dark spots. In my case, since I have A LOT of dark spots from my damn acnes, it is really visible and this makeup base doesn’t give any effect to those spots, and also my dark circles. So yeah, I still need my concealer to cover those dark areas.

And I have lots of pores on my nose and my chin. Not really visible to other people, but when they look at me really close, like super close, you may see those pores. That’s why I need some base that can cover my pores a while. But unfortunately this base, again, doesn’t give any big effects to my pores. They do cover it a little but it won’t last long.  

 I have a big nose, i know..
and red scars on my nose as well. 

 But what I do love with this base is.. it contains SPF40/PA++  so I don’t need to put on sunblock, which means I can save more time, and it has some fresh flower scent that not really sharp, but soft so it’s quite pleasant to my nose. (I have a hard time to recognize the scent of it, lol)
For the price, I bought it when the store has promo so this base is get a discount, so I don’t remember the original price, I think it’s about IDR200k or something, I’m not sure.

·         Cute packaging
·         40ml size, quite big
·         Fresh scent
·         Contain SPF40/PA++
·         Little drop is enough
·         Soft skin result
·         Covering my pores a little

·         It doesn’t have any English on the packaging
·         Gives me grayish/white tone on my skin
·         Doesn’t cover my dark spots or my dark circles
·         My pores is still visible
·         My skin still look oily

RATE : 3/5

REPURCHASE : maybe no, because it doesn’t give any big effect on my skin and I still have to lookin for new primer that has high SPF.

So what about you? Have you try this base? What do you think? J

Thank you for reading!
See you on my next post,


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  1. Good review sis! Klo brand MUR pernah coba?

    1. Waahh makasihhh..
      Kalo MUR yang primer belum coba, tapi eyeliner ama shadowsnya udah, tunggu reviewnya yaa..

  2. aneh, kok korea ya? soalnya itu belakangnya tulisan jepang (kanji-katakana) bukan hangul, kupikir brand jepang. cmiiw
    g pernah denger brand korea namanya privia juga sist

    1. Iya aku juga bingung sis, tapi setelah ngesearch2 privia dari korea dan sekarang mereka ganti nama(lupa apa namanya). Dan aku belinya di storenya langsung di mall :'(