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After I finished my old foundation, MAKE OVER, I searched for another foundation that I want to try, and finally found it!

Actually I kinda confused which one should I bought at that time, because I found that Wardah’s foundation (forgot which one; I think it’s the green package) has the color that I need.
I have a dark skin, with confusing undertone. Why is it confusing? Because on my left wrist, it has that purple-ish/green color, while on my right wrist has that blue/blue-green color. So I don’t know which wrists should I follow, -__- but I think I’m more to neutral undertone

Anyways, because Make Over more into yellow undertone, and it still looks a little bit gray on my face, and I have had a difficult time to recognized my undertone, so i decided to do some research by trying pink-kind-of-undertone.

Wardah has that similar undertone with Make Over, but personally I think Wardah has a darker yellow shade (?). While REVLON COLORSTAY COMBINATION/OILY has pink undertone (for me). I never tried pink-undertone stuff, so I decided to take a shot for this new baby.
Right : Revlon ; Left : Make Over

At the first time, I’m not sure if this shade (320 TRUE BEIGE) is a perfect shade for me, as it has pink undertone, and the color is not dark enough for my face. But I tried it anyway on my hand, and surprisingly, this foundation matched to my skin! (--or my hand). And I tried on my jaw line too, and it looks a little bit matched to my skin. 
Right : Revlon ; Left : Make Over
Right : Revlon ; Left : Make Over
Right : Revlon ; Left : Make Over

I have an uneven skin on my face. My forehead, chin, and around my mouth area are quite darker than my cheeks. So really, it is hard ;_;

I’m happy that this foundation (REVLON) comes with pump packaging! It is more effective, simple, and of course easy to use. We can control the amount, and it is cleaner than using a regular tube-kind-of-packaging like my REVLON PROTECTIVE BASE that has such a big hole, and it is made from glass; although this foundation does made from glass, but it is more light-weight for me. The base is such untravel-friendly, and unpractical thing for me.

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But if we talking about the packaging, I love it! As I said before, it is made from glass, but it is light! Maybe it’s because the size is smaller than my base, which is heavier than this foundation. The size of this foundation is fit to palm of my hand! When I purchased this, it doesn’t have any box in it, just had some little plastic seal on the cap.

Quite crazy at the first time I saw this. It is because that ‘24hrs Long Lasting’-that makes me doubt it. Really, 24 hours???

I have a super oily face so of course I will be skeptical about this. Like, I’ve tried some product that says it lasts for 8hrs, but when I tried it, it just last for 2-3hrs -__-.


This foundation has 8 shades that you can choose to match your skin tone! Wohoo! But for me, 8 shades is not enough. The darkest shade from this foundation is 320, which is TRUE BEIGE.
Oh well, since I love the color, and when I tried on my jaw area, and my hand; it looks nice, so I bought it.

The other thing that I love about this foundation is… It has a fresh-flowery scent. I reaaalllyyy loooooooovvvveee the scent! My face smells really nice whenever I applied this, lol.
The consistency is perfect for me, as it doesn’t too thick, while it doesn’t too watery. It doesn’t clog my large pores, which is great.

 The coverage is medium, so I like to use it one more time on the place that needs more coverage, such as darks circles, red scars and my dark spots. Nowadays, I rarely using concealer, and using foundation as my concealer instead. 

After I applied this foundation onto my skin, it has that semi-matte finish, which I love! Still has that cute little glow on my face, and it looks flawless! My skin looks soft, feels soft, and again—FLAWLESSSSS (unless I have a terrible breakouts T__T). 

But lately, my skin (especially my face) got darker than before after I went to swimming pool so you can see that the color become 1-2 shades lighter than my actual skin tone. And to correct that, i use my contour powder so that my skin look more natural.

BTW I applied this, and guess what?

It stays 4-5hrs on my faacce!!! I rarely do some touchup for face, but I always do that to my lips. I’m quite shocked when I checked my self on the mirror after 4-5hrs, and my makeup is still there!! Even my blush on is still visible!! This is quite something!
ugh, that ugly acne bump on my nose! >:(

To be honest, this is the first time my makeup stays that long. Sorry for being weird ;_;.
My makeup stayed on my face even though it is become too shiny from my oily face. But so far, I super love this foundation! I haven’t try this for longer wear, so I kind of curious about how long does this will stay? Can this foundation stays longer that 4hrs? hm.. I should start to try this!

·       Comes with pump
·       Light-weight, small bottle(?)
·       Soft fresh-flowery scent
·       Travel sized friendly
·       Semi-matte finish
·       Flawless look
·       Glowing effect
·       Skin feels soft
·       Last for 4-5hr (on my super oily skin)
·       Makeup stays perfectly

·       My skin still looked shiny
·       Doesn’t have darker shades

RATE : 4,5/5
REPURCHASE : Maybe, if they launched new shades, which is darker shades than True Beige, I want to repurchase!

That’s my personal review about this. Have you tried this one? What do you think?

See you on my next post! <3

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    1. yes, it is! I really love it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Halo Ziky,
    aku pas masih tutup puter cocok sama fondinya, tapi entah kenapa kemarin aku nyobaa yang kemasan pump kulit ku berasa kering banget.
    Emang tahan lama sih fondinya hihihi

    1. hai! makasih udah mampir. iya lumayan tahan lama fondinya, cuma ya kalo muka kayak tambang minyak tetep aja shine bright like a diamond hehe

  3. Review yang membantu banget aku penasaran sama produk ini walaupun belum tahu bakal beli atau nggak hihi

  4. hasilnya bagus ya :O jadi pengen hhihihi

  5. Compared to Make Over, I think Revlon has more yellowish tone ya ? However it looks pretty nice on your skin! I think I should try this someday! Btw, let's support each other's blog by following each other dear, please let me know on my blog :)



    1. kebaliikk makeover lebih yellow-ish, hehe..
      sure! meluncur!